Gay Friendly Hotels and Accommodation – Are They Really Gay Friendly Or Just After the Pink Dollar?

Having been running a gay hotel on Crete, Greece for the last five years, I do try to keep my finger ‘on the pulse’ of what is happening not only locally but worldwide, in the gay accommodation industry. During that five years various other people have come up with gay accommodation on Crete, presumably expecting to make a killing by renting apartment blocks and even going as far as building a whole gay resort, albeit only small, just for gay and lesbian travellers. Without exception they have lasted only a year, maybe two, before they close!
 Just lately I have been getting more than usual the number of alerts from ‘Google Alerts’ for gay hotels and travel, not only in Greece but around the world, and not for just hotels, but travel agents who are now offering gay friendly holidays. In these difficult times for business it seems that many more businesses are chasing the ‘Pink Dollar’, Pound, Yen, or even Euro, and advertising their services as ‘gay friendly’.

 Taking a brief look at some of the new sites that have sprung up, and also many that already existed has proved an interesting experience just lately as the same hotels appear over and over again, and almost without exception the hotels on offer are just ordinary hotels, some of whom have been thoughtful enough to put ‘gay’ or ‘gay friendly’ in their web site search terms, but in general this is probably the only place on their web site where the word ‘gay’ or ‘lesbian’ is to be seen!

 The other notable feature of virtually all of these hotels is that they are all in the upper price and luxury bracket. So it seems that if you are gay or lesbian then you will automatically be able to afford room rates that start at EUR150 per night excluding breakfast?

 Now I don’t know about all of you, but while it might be nice to occasionally spend a night in a 5 star hotel with health spa, tennis courts, private golf course, your own Jacuzzi on the balcony and so on, none of which you are going to use, because you arrive at 6pm and they throw you out at 10am the following day, (you would think at that price they could afford to pay a cleaner to work until 6pm). And, I for one avoid Jacuzzis. I can never see the point of spending ages in a lukewarm bath with jets of water and bubbles bouncing ones testicles around, added to which you never know what was going on it in it yesterday, (or maybe I have been watching the wrong sort of movies), and then you get out looking like a white prune, and you still have to take a shower because you can’t use soap in a Jacuzzi.

 And after all that you have just spent three weeks (or more) food money and didn’t get anything to eat except the complementary chocolate on the pillow. Just because you are gay does not mean you have pots of dosh, some of us are rubbish collectors, cleaners, nurses, teachers, even guesthouse owners and we just do not have that kind of money to spend, what we need is clean comfortable accommodation at a reasonable price!

 So why do all these ‘gay’ web sites list this type of accommodation? I have a sneaking feeling that it is because they are the only hotels that can afford to pay the agents a reasonable commission. I get agents approach me and seem disappointed that they are only going to make 15 euros out of a one week stay and nothing at all for anything less than 3 nights, but then I am not in the business of lining another companies pockets or allowing them to ride off my back and all the hard work I have put into my business!

 And then we come to the gay friendly part. How does that fit in with the rest of the guests who always seem to be families from other parts of Europe, with three children and who spend all day by the pool while the children are in the non-English speaking crèche? Gay anonymous I call it not gay friendly. You can quite easily disappear into the throng of 2,500 straight guests staying in the same hotel and nobody really cares whether you are gay or not because they don’t even know your name!

 If you really want to check if a hotel is gay friendly then ask the receptionist where the nearest nudist beach is located. This is usually one of the first questions I get asked before guests even make the booking, that and the distance to the nearest gay club.

I tried this at one of my local 5 star hotels where I had the pleasure of staying at someone else’s expense for two nights. The girl on the desk looked rather bemused, dealt with some other guests in various languages, very fluently, none of them English, and talked to a member of the service staff in what sounded Spanish, before coming back to me and announcing that nude sunbathing was not allowed.

 Obviously as she was a mine of non-information and as I was in a daring mood I asked her if there were any gay bars close by. This confused her even more so I expanded on the theme and asked about bars for homosexuals. This struck a chord because she turned to colleague and asked him, and then came back with the reply that there were no homosexuals in this area!

 So for EUR250 per night I got a quite nice room, comfortably furnished, clean, with a nice little terrace outside where I could hold a conversation with the guests in the next apartment, 2 tea bags and 2 little sachets of coffee, 2 biscuits in foil wrapper, and 2 of those little plastic pots of milk, yes, you know the ones. The ones where the foil top suddenly gives way and you splash most of the contents over the carpet and yourself. Not forgetting the quite classy but very small soap and things in the bathroom.

 So where does the gay friendly come in? Seems to me like it doesn’t!

 You want a gay hotel then look for the web site that says ‘gay’ or ‘lesbian’ in black and white on the home page. Look for the place where they can tell you where the nearest nudist beach is, where the nearest gay bar is, and if they don’t know they should!

Practical Astral Travel Information

Dejavu, waking premonitions, a feeling you have been here before can all be attributed to Astral Travel. How can that be? Practitioners tell us that these feelings are not clairvoyant at all, we actually have been there before. We have seen or experienced this place and time, but simply in the Astral Plane and Astral Realms.

Astral Travel or Astral Projection can be induced consciously and purposely but most of us, it’s believed, do it in our sleep without even knowing it. What happens is essentially that your spiritual self, all that makes up your being without the physicality of your body, essentially projects into another realm or dimension to travel to any place, time or dimension that you choose.

Your Astral Self is known as many different things. The Astral body, Astral vehicle or super-sensible body, but whatever you wish to call it, it’s the part of us that is able to navigate the astral realms and explore new experiences while our physical body rests and remains on earth.

Some practitioners believe that we actually separate from ourselves while others believe that your astral self is more like a remote lenses or vehicle that merely communicates back to our mind. Regardless of which theory one subscribes to, and it doesn’t really matter,

Practitioners tell us that the Astral Self can do many things that our human body’s cannot.

For example, through astral projection, one is able to explore the galaxy, the planets, the stars and the sky. The Astral body can easily travel great distances in a blink of eye and visit far off places as easily as visiting next door.

Astral Travelers Inform us that some people fly all over the planet. Others simply leave their bodies and float over them observing from a different vantage point, still others travel to past and future realities observing events from another time.

Experts that practice regularly say that Astral travel is completely safe and holds no possibility of harm. One’s astral self can pass through walls and barriers, the very earth itself and travel virtually anywhere one can think of. Conversely and logically with this ability comes the absolute inability to affect any change from ones astral body. Essentially we can watch and observe but can’t change anything.

This makes sense if you think of this as an opportunity to learn about ones self and the world and people around us. Astral travel exists to allow us to grow and learn. It’s gives us an opportunity to have experiences that we may not otherwise be able to share in.

Astral Travel Information is everywhere and Astral Travel can by practiced by anyone. It’s believed that it is a skill that we are all born with, but have simply not cultivated along the way, due to our busy, noisy lives. With practice, some meditation and calm influences, anyone can learn astral travel and projection.

Hotels and Travel

One of the great joys in life is to be able to travel to exotic and different destinations to soak up their history, culture and good food and nowhere is this truer than in London, England. London offers its visitors some of the most glorified history in the world, not to mention a host of attractions including world class theater productions and a varied and amazing night life.

Whether you are in London on business or for pleasure, finding a little bit of time to explore this charming, historical old city is a must. However, one thing that sets London apart from many other cities is that it is historically known for being a somewhat expensive city. This being said, the challenge is to book the perfect hotel room, that will give you quick and easy access to all the major attractions, but at the same time, will not completely bust your travel budget.

Thankfully, finding this hotel room is no longer the daunting challenge that it once was. Thanks to the Internet and online hotel booking sites, you can now browse all the hotels available and compare their prices -vs- location and make an informed and practical decision. Although many people would love to book their hotel directly in London, which gives close access to all the major attractions, comparison shopping is always a smart and practical move. So before booking any room, once again, you are encouraged to do your homework and make sure that you are getting the best deal possible.

London offers visitors all of the historical attractions they can possibly imagine. From Buckingham Palace to Big Ben to the National Gallery, the choices are amazingly overwhelming. However, have you considered visiting some “out of the way” attractions? In many cases, these are hidden gems that are worth seeing and will also take you out of the mad hustle of the crowds.

Consider the Brampton Cemetery, a beautiful park with jugglers and a serene atmosphere. If you are a fan of literature, visit Stoke Newington where Edgar Allan Poe went to school. How about Greenwich? Granted, these are not historical sites that are of interest to everyone, but if you are looking for something different, then consider these wonderful attractions.

Of course, you cannot visit London without doing the “tourist thing”. Here again, doing a lot of research ahead of the trip will be very helpful. Your hotel room should be considered your headquarters as you visit and travel around London – so choosing its location is your foremost priority. Once you have chosen your hotel, everything will work itself out around it which will give you the time to enjoy your trip.